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Anti-Depression Crystalset

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The stresses and strains of modern living can be overwhelming at times. For teenagers there's exam pressure, peer pressure, relationship pressure and raging hormones to cope with. Adults don't escape unscathed either.

These crystals have been carefully selected to help ease feelings of depression, stabilise emotions and give a sense of tranquillity and peace. Set contains:

AGATE: Helps to relieve symptoms of depression, promotes inner peace and tranquillity
CITRINE: Helps to overcome depression, boosts self confidence and gives courage to face and enjoy life.
LAPIS LAZULI: The stone of 'Friendship'. Helps you face up to problems and overcome them.
GREEN MOSS AGATE: Relieves stress, provides inspiration, fosters trust and hope, helps you find the strength to start anew.
LEPIDOLITE: A stone of 'Transition'. Soothes and eases stress, encourages independence from ingrained lifestyles, helps to stabilise moods.

Anti-Depression Crystalset

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