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Teen Witch Workshop

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This workshop has been created especially if you are a teen, to guide you safely in what you really need to know to get you started in magic.

Take your first steps on you magical pathway where you will learn what real witches do and don't do. Enter a realm of magic; gently and enchantingly where you will learn to awaken your natural ability to explore and learn The Craft.

1. Introduction
2. Know the warning Label on Magic; Use magic safely and responsibly
3. Prepare to be Magicalo with potions and herbology
4. Open and Close the door marked Magic
5. Cast a Magic Circle
6. Meet the Elements
7. Raising the Power and a journey with the Star Goddess
8. Perform three simple spells to empower your life
9. Spell one - the invisibility cloak
10. Spell two - Find me love
11. Spell three - Keep me safe
12. Magical offerings/close the door marked Magic

Teen Witch Workshop

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